From Night Guard to IIM Professor, Heart Whelming Tale of a Poor Kerala Man Ranjith Ramachandran

The 28-year-old Ranjith’s journey was not a cakewalk. His father Ramachandran is a tailor and mother works as an MGNREGS labourer. Despite the financial situation, Ranjith’s parents never compromised on their children’s education.

Having completed his Higher Secondary studies, Ranjith was all set to quit further education due to lack of financial sources, but he was just so lucky to get a part-time job as a night guard at Panathur telephone exchange. Later on he continued like that. ‘A student by day and a guard by night’. He had no mentor to guide him through.

But he was never hopeless. With every passing day, he dreamt of his future ventures and eventually a day came when he made it to IIT Madras, having completed his  graduation in BA Economics from St Pius X College and MA Economics from Central University of Kerala.

They say hard work pays off and that’s what was proved in case of Ranjit. On April 5 2021, he was appointed as an assistant professor at IIM Rachi.  A poor guy who started his journey from a small hut in Panathur to one of the most prestigious institution of the country is now making it around the Social Media for the last couple of days. This unknown man has now become the social media sensation with Tons of Likes and shares overnight.

Hats off to such an inspiring venture.

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