From commuters to catwalk: Nagpur Metro’s unexpected fashion show stuns passengers

On August 28, the Nagpur metro turned into an impromptu runway for a fashion show that left everyone spellbound.

In an unexpected twist to the usual metro commute, passengers in Nagpur, India, were treated to a surprise fashion show right inside a moving train. Instead of the usual rush and crowded scenes, metro riders witnessed a delightful display of culture and style.

On Sunday, August 28, as metro coaches in Nagpur carried passengers and families, something extraordinary happened. The train turned into an impromptu runway for a fashion show that left everyone, from kids to seasoned travellers, spellbound.

What made this event truly unique was its theme: celebrating India’s rich culture and heritage. Models of all ages, from 2 to 50, gracefully strutted their stuff in a stunning array of ethnic outfits.

Each ensemble told a story, showcasing India’s diverse traditions. They also adorned themselves with beautiful Indian jewellery, adding an extra touch of sparkle to the show. These outfits were reportedly designed by budding fashion students from various institutes in the city.

Watch the video:

The sight was a visual feast for commuters. People who had expected a routine metro ride found themselves cheering and clapping for the unexpected spectacle.

This extraordinary fashion show was made possible through Nagpur Metro’s ‘Celebration on Wheel’ initiative. This programme opens the doors of the metro to various organisations, groups, and individuals to host events onboard for a small fee.

In a world where fashion goes beyond traditional runways and boutiques, it seems that the runway can stretch as far as the eye can see. So, the next time you board the metro in Nagpur or elsewhere, keep an eye out for the unexpected. Your daily commute might just become an extraordinary experience.

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