Former model becomes rich by selling her urine online, know how

After the global pandemic hit, recession in businesses became a cause for many to lose their jobs. While some fed themselves their sorrow, others tried to create their own destiny. Social media, however, came as a rescue, and several people have been making good money online. In the light of it a former model and photographer, Kactus Kutie, found a unique way of earning money.

Kactus would sell her urine for more than Rs. 5,200 for a 3-ounce medical cup full.

According to the reports, Kactus works as a model for the website called Only Fans. She used to make adult cam videos in 2016 and after launching her own business of selling her urine to her fans, she would also film herself while urinating for around 10 minutes.

According to Kactus, although her fans are astounded that she can hold her urine for so long and then let it pass for around 10 minutes, she only does this once or twice a month because it could deteriorate her health.

Fans are so taken with her ability to hold her pee that they are willing to pay for it. She even offers discounts to those who purchase a large quantity of urine.

Reportedly, Kactus said that she urinated in her bikini, her underwear, dustbin, and bouquet of flowers. Her customers now buy urine and do many things with it. A person bought her pee and made ice lolly from it. The model claims that her urine is like ‘liquid gold.’

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