Fish With Human Like Features Spotted, Photos Go Viral

Bhubaneswar: Pictures of an unusual fish with a human like face is going viral on social media. The fish from Malaysia has actual teeth and lips and such species is the Triggerfish.

They are generally found in South East Asian water-bodies. A twitter user recently baffled netizens with a picture of a weird looking fish captured in Malaysia.  The fish is completely different from other species, it has got human like features, including mouth with lips and teeth. With a strong jaw, big lips and human like teeth.

There are about forty different species of Trigger Fish found in the water bodies, as they are oval-shaped body with large head and they are known for their strong-jawed mouth and teeth

Soon after the photos were posted online, it went viral and the netizens went gaga over the photos.

The post garnered 14 thousand likes and more than eight thousand retweets.

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