Female model stands on display at cloth store like Mannequins in Dubai, watch

A female model standing on display at a cloth store in Dubai like mannequins has sparked debate. Some online users have dubbed it as slavery while some others opined that girl luring customers and getting paid for her work. So nothing is good or bad.

A video of the female model standing as a mannequins in an apparel store’s display area in a mall in Dubai was shared on Instagram and it not only grabbed attention of a lot of people, but it also sparked debate.

As we can see in the video the female model is posing in attractive positions on a display area of the cloth store while mannequins have been put by her side. The difference is there are mannequins and there is also a live model who is continuously changing poses to draw attention of the shoppers. People of all ages are walking in front of the store and many of them are paying attention to the live model who of course is a beautiful one.

“POV (point of view): Marketing in Dubai,” a text insert on the clip read.

As per reports, the model herself instagrammed her video from her Insta handle _angelina.a_ on June 25. Soon, the post grabbed attention of netizens. Along with a large number of views the post also earned a number of comments.

A user commented, “This is slavery so much inhuman she has to stand whole day in that small area with different pose. So sad.”

“Inhuman  behaviour  money power,” another comment reads.

However, another user commented, “I think it’s like ramp walk so what slavery beautiful girl luring customers  and  girl getting  paid for her work nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so have a life.”

Yet another user wrote, “Someone has a lot of money for marketing.”

“This won’t stop until they run out of oil resources,” quipped another user.

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