Fearless monkey teases tigers in hilarious way, Watch

A video of fearless and mischievous monkey teasing tigers by pulling its tails and ear is going viral over the internet.

In an extraordinary encounter at a wildlife sanctuary, a cheeky gibbon has become an internet sensation by boldly engaging with a group of tigers, an incident caught on camera and shared by the user @AMAZlNGNATURE on X (formerly known as Twitter). The video has taken the virtual world by storm, amassing a staggering 2.1 million views and counting.

The remarkable footage showcases the small gibbon fearlessly pulling at the tails and ears of the much larger tigers. The playful interaction has prompted an array of reactions from amused viewers. One commenter wrote, “That’s hilarious haha, do they do this for any reason other than just giving the tigers a hard time?” Another chimed in, “That gibbon surely has some guts,” highlighting the audacity of the small primate.

For some, the scene was reminiscent of a common household situation. “That’s my 8-year-old whenever I and my wife are sitting in peace,” shared another viewer, drawing a humorous parallel between the mischievous gibbon and energetic children.

The riveting video has garnered attention due to the unusual and lighthearted nature of the interaction. While the motives behind the gibbon’s antics remain a mystery, it’s clear that the fearless primate has managed to both entertain and mystify online audiences.

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