Fanta Maggi! Food blogger gives honest remark after tasting the dish; Watch

With the level of increasing competition in street food market, vendors need to be creative in bringing unique dishes in order to make a good sale. In the light of it, where people gets to witness Oreo pakodas and Fanta omelettes, a street vendor in Ghaziabad has come up with just another innovative dish, Fanta Maggi.

The street side eatery has been selling Maggi cooked in Fanta instead of water for months now. Food blogger Amar Sirohi straight away took a video of it being made after he came across this weird concoction. He shared the video in both his YouTube channel and on his Instagram page.

In the video, Amar can be seen asking a few questions about the dish and the dish’s popularity in the area. To which, the vendor answers that he has been making Fanta Maggi for about 3-4 months now, and it is in great demand. After he films the whole process of the dish being made, he also tries it to give his honest opinion on the taste.

The making process, didn’t just stop amazing the viewers when he poured Fanta into the vegetables and crushed some Maggi noodles into it but also surprised netizens when the vendor gave the dish it’s finishing touch with chaat masala and lemon juice.

Amar can be seen being skeptical regarding the taste at first. But after he gathered up some courage to take his first bite, he revealed that irrespective of its look, the dish actually tastes good.

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Netizens split in the comments section below, as some were dissatisfied seeing their favourite maggi go through weird innovations and some reacted in a supportive way towards it.

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