Fake Cop on actual duty: Man serves as constable in place of brother-in-law in Uttar Pradesh Police for 5 years

In an incident which seems to be no less than a Bollywood movie plot, a man from Uttar Pradesh has managed to hold two government jobs (cop and a teacher) at the same time. The brother-in-law of the man has become the prime aid in accomplishing the crime.

Anil Kumar, a constable, was stationed in Thakurdwara police station of Moradabad district of UP and was simultaneous working as a school teacher in Muzaffarnagar area of the state. Everything was working fine until last week when a police complaint was registered against Anil kumar. The FIR said that the identity of Anil was used by another person.

Subsequently Anil Kumar was summoned by senior officer regarding the case. He appeared before the concerned senior officer and was asked important details about his job and his posting. However, Anil failed to answer the name of Bareilly SSP under whom he had been trained.

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This raised authenticity about his identity. However, Anil excused himself to go to the washroom and slipped away. As the police officials checked the records, it was found that the person impersonating as Anil Kumar was Sunil Kumar. Upon investigation, it was found that Sunil is the brother-in-law of Anil Kumar.

Meanwhile, it was revealed that Anil Kumar had cracked the teacher test in 2016. However, quitting the police force and joining the teaching job was not an option for Anil. Anil took a transfer to Moradabad, and sent his brother-in-law Sunil in his place to serve as a cop. As the place of posting was new, nobody could point out the difference in Anil’s identity.

Anil Kumar has been taken into police custody for his criminal offences. However, the whereabouts of Sunil are unknown. Investigation in the matter is currently underway.

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