Extra-Terrestrial creature washes up on Australian shore, Watch Video

A mysterious alien like creature was spotted on a popular beach in Australia’s Queensland, leaving the locals stunned.

A 28-year old named Pastor Alex Tan was on his morning walk on the shore of Maroochydore beach when he stumbled upon something weird.

The creature appears to have a reptilian-like skull, flabby limbs, a long tail and claws.

“I’ve stumbled across something weird,” Alex is heard saying in the video. “This is like one of those things you see when people claim they’ve found aliens,” Alex added.

Alex then pans the camera to show the strange creature. Flies are seen crawling on the creature and buzzing around it. Alex described the creature as a “de-haired” possum but added that it was “different to anything” he had seen before.

“Extra-terrestrial,” Alex added as the video closed.



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This is not the first time an unusual looking creature has washed up on one of the beaches of Australia and has also completely shocked people. Earlier this month, a Sydney resident Harry Hayes came across a peculiar-looking thing while he was out for a jog in the morning.

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