Ever Heard Of Forest Breathing Like Human Being? Watch This Viral Video

What would be your first reaction if you heard a forest breathing? Though, it might sound creepy, a breathing forest actually exists and its video has recently gone viral on Internet.

In the viral video, you can see a dense forest rising and falling as if it is breathing like an animal. However, the rising and falling is not because of some earthquake or volcano.

Explaining the phenomenon, scientists said that it was actually an illusion created by air. It is the result of strong winds that have enough force to move trees and topsoil.

The video was shared by Science, Space & Nature on its official Twitter handle. Sharing the video, the post captioned: “The breathing Forest. This is a result of a excess space under a trees root system and strong winds. The wind blows the trees above ground & pull the trees root systems back & forth causing this phenomenon. I would sh*t my pants if I saw this and had no idea what was going on.”


The viral video of forest breathing has garnered over 51 lakh views, 32,800 likes and 11,000 retweets on Twitter. The video originally surfaced in 2018 and was taken in a forest of Canada. Now, it has again appeared on internet and is trending among netizens.


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