Euphoric! Boy and girl dance on empty street at night with joy: Watch

A video of a boy and girl joyfully dancing on an empty street in the middle of night has gone viral and sure to leave you feeling happy.

Having friends with similar interests and mental condition is bliss. Amid the hectic schedule where fatigue takes over, best friends come through at the right moment to show us that life is too short to stay dull. In light of it, a video of two friends has gone viral for a unique reason and is sure to make your day.

The video that seems to have been taken from a terrace or a balcony shows a boy and a girl dancing their heart out in an empty street in the middle of the night. Their steps were synchronized as if they have practiced the routine several times before.

Shared on Twitter by Prerna Maheshwari, the video has garnered more than 255k views so far. The caption in the post read, “‘This,’ along with a heart emoji.

Internet is delighted by the video as they filled the comment section with cheerful reactions. The post has also been retweeted more than 1700 times. The beautifully choreographed dance and the adorable moment have been well cherished by the users. While some pointed out that they must have been practicing for some dance event, others were just happy to see two friends sharing a sweet moment together.

One user wrote, “I’ll cry unless someone tells me that this wasn’t choreographed” and the comment read, “Maybe practicing for some dance event. We too used practice at night in our colony.” A third person wrote, “It’s beautiful” and a fourth user said, “Whatever this is ….i need something like this.”

Some people also joked and said that the two have been possessed by ghosts. Isn’t it a normal reaction from people when they see two like-mind friends? When two people are lost in their world, they hardly care about what others think of them.

Here are some other reactions:

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