Elderly woman in Pune goes viral for selling pens, choosing a life of integrity

It always feels good to come across heartwarming and motivational stories about people who live by their integrity and manners, no matter what the situation is. Such people leave a deep impact on us and come as a ray of inspiration and positivity. For similar reasons, an elderly woman in Pune has gone viral for her probity as she sells pens on the streets for a living.

An entrepreneur, Shikha Rathi, took to her Instagram page to share a smiling picture of an elderly woman, identified as Ratan. She sells pens on MG Road in Pune and refuses to beg as she wants to live her life with respect and integrity.

Holding a makeshift basket of different coloured pens in her hand, Ratan chooses to live an honoured life. The cover of the basket reads, “I don’t want to beg, please buy Rs 10/- Blue colour pens. Thank you Bless you.”

While sharing the photo Shikha wrote, “Today I met a real life hero and champion- Ratan!” She further added, “I had gone out with a friend when we met Ratan. When we read her note, my friend immediately made a purchase.
Ratan was overjoyed and we could see gratitude and kindness in her eyes! She thanked us and didn’t even push us further to purchase more pens from her!
Her integrity along with her sweet smile, kind heart and her joyful attitude made me purchase more pens from her!”

She ended the note by saying, “Just seeing her smile and gratitude has filled my heart. And she deserves to be celebrated and shared, so hence the post!!”

Take a look:


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The post went viral on social media as netizens can’t stop praising the woman’s integrity. The comments section is filled with comments like:

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