Elderly woman cooks fish broth in plastic bag, raises questions online: Watch

In a surprising video, a woman cooks fish broth in a plastic bag. Internet is surprised how it didn't burn

Who doesn’t love camping? The fun of being in the cusp of nature, breathing the fresh air, and cooking authentic food above the campfire. For those who dream of it but isn’t able to explore, often quench their thirst by enjoying videos of other people from different sites. One such video of an elderly woman enjoying a meal in the middle of nowhere has surfaced online but what has turned heads is her unique way of cooking the fish.

You might have seen, people relying on a one pot meal during their adventure in remote areas. However, to minimalize the good, they carry aluminium mugs and skewers that are light in weight. But, the now viral video shows the old woman using a plastic bag to cook her fish broth. Yes, you read it right.

In the clip shared on Twitter by a user named The Figen, a woman can be seen placing a plastic bag full of water on top of a wood fire. Surprisingly, the bag did not melt immediately. The heat had no effect on it, and she goes ahead with adding different ingredients into the water. She can also be seen adding a fish and some chillies to the broth.

Watch Viral Video:

So far, the video has garnered more than 764.5k views and an array of comments raising concern over cancer caused by plastic. Meanwhile, some users answered the biggest question- how polythene bag survived fire- and said that it is possible if they are filled with water.

“Yeah, right plastic bags can resist to fire when full of water. And deliver a nice cancer to you. No thanks” one user wrote. Another person commented, “Endocrine disruptor soup.”

A third comment read, “… and the “ingredients” that the hot water releases from the plastic is pure chemistry – not elementary but very complex.”

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  1. Biju joze says

    Now I am going to throw away all my cookware vessels and will start using polythene bags to prepare the curry and rice, this is more sustainable .

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