Elderly couple fulfill lifelong dream of visiting Mount Everest, Video goes viral

The video of an elderly couple visiting Mount Everest was shared on Instagram. After getting shared, the video has garnered over 200k likes.

A recent viral on the internet shows a video of an elderly couple visiting Mount Everest. In the video the couple can be seen witnessing the beauty of the mountains, standing at a great height. The couple stands with a chopper being on standby behind them.

In the video being spoken about, the elderly couple can be seen holding onto each other while they gaze at the breathtaking view infront of them. It seemed as if a life-long dream of theirs was getting fulfilled. The snowcapped mountains that lied in front looked magnificent and spectacular.

The video was shared by an Instagram handle named Any Thapa. It was shared a few weeks back.The video was shared along with a caption that read, “Art of living.. this man age:86 in his last stage of life .. last dream to see mount everest from close.. he dared it with his wife.. Completed.. hats off..long live.” Take a look at the beautiful video here:


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The video of an elderly couple visiting Mount Everest has left netizens amazed. Since getting shared, it has garnered over 200k likes and comments in thousands. The comments section has been filled with comments of appreciation and praise. One user commented, “So…. With determination & motivation can achieve Mountains. Pass good here,” while another wrote, “Omg… my day was not going good so far but this video changed my whole perspective. My god. How things help us… I am super motivated seeing this. What a man!! MAY GOD BLESS BOTH OF THESE “

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