Drunk groom parties, delays baarat, disgruntled bride marries another man

A bride in Rajasthan’s Churu district cancelled her wedding after her drunken groom’s non-stop dancing delayed the wedding procession by hours. The incident took place on May 15 in Chelana village, Rajgarh Tehsil.

The wedding procession or baarat set off for the bride’s village at 9 pm and the commencement of the wedding rituals was due at 1.15 am, the auspicious time. Meanwhile in the procession, the groom and his friends got drunk and started dancing, causing the baarat to delay.

The Mahurat or the auspicious time passed by and the groom did not show up at the venue. Frustrated with the commotion and being kept waiting, the bride called off the wedding. Her family then took the unanimous decision of getting her married to someone else.

This was not all!

The next day, the groom’s family lodged a complaint against the bride and her family at Rajgah police station. To this the bride’s side accused the groom’s family of being careless and claimed that similar attitude was sure to continue in the future as well.

Post consultation with the police, both the families agreed for a written settlement where reason behind the marriage getting called off was to be cited as ‘family issues’.

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