Driver bids emotional adieu to bus that he drove for 30 years, watch

An emotional video has surfaced that speaks about the attachment of a bus driver with the bus that he drove for 30 years. In the heart-touching video, the driver is seen kissing the steering wheel and hugging the bus before shedding tears for his bread-giver for last 30 years.

A user named Nowsath A posted the video to his X handle @Nousa_journo where the driver is seen bidding a tearful and emotional adieu to the bus. The driver has been identified as 60 year old Muthupandi, a bus driver from Madurai, who worked for long 30 years as a driver with the Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation. On the day of his retirement the video was shut.

In the video it was seen that the driver is kissing the steering wheel after shutting the engine. Then he pats parts of the bus and does pranam. And then he gets down from the bus and proceeds to the front of the bus. And before that he also does pranam to the entrance of the bus. He then does pranam to the bus standing in front and then hugs the machine. Then, he sheds tears.

The emotional video was liked and appreciated by many users. They also commented praising the emotional bonding between the man and the machine.

Very tearful goodbye to his faithful bread giver, wrote a user.

Very touching!  Thank you sir for an excellent love and affection you have shown for your profession!  Spirited and warming!  Happy Retired Life, another user wrote.

Watch the video here:

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