Dog turns mother of three tiger cubs: Watch viral video

In a recent post on Twitter we can see the love of a mother. As mentioned in the clip a Labrador dog is now taking care of three tiger cubs after their mother tigress abandoned the three. And the cubs are very happy with their new mom. The video has gone viral on internet.

Posted to Twitter on May 11, the post by an user named ‘A piece of Nature, has earned 938 re-tweets, 64 quote tweets and more than 6k likes. The post has been captioned as, “Because you want to see a lab doggy take care of baby rescue tigers.”

And in the video clip these texts appear one after one.

“This Labrador is taking care of three tiger cubs that were rejected by their mother.”

“The mother tiger refused to fee the cubs so now this loving Labrador takes care of them.”

“The cubs absolutely love their new mom.”

The video is an affectionate one since it shows about love of a mother. And this time a dog has turned mother of three tiger cubs. The post has earned huge number of reactions from netizens.

People have shown their concern. A user has written, “I want to like this but I notice there’s only concrete upon which to rest. No soft blanket or bed. Just barren concrete. And, the dog looks unhappy/fearful. I am concerned for all of their futures.”

Another user comments, “Cute, I can’t help but think this Lab already knows the potential and what’s already there with these Kitties.”

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