Dog help owner move tires, amazes netizens with its smartness; watch viral video

Animals often surprise us with their level of understanding. May it be a floof talking back to its owner or an elephant dancing with its trainer, these adorable beings time and again amaze us with their smartness. Although the Internet is filled with such videos, every time such a new clip surfaces online viewers can’t hold back their emotions.

A video of a similar genre has once again hit social media and has been creating a stir as netizens flock towards the comments sections praising the dog. Shared on Twitter by Pareekh Jain, CEO, analyst, professor, and author; the video shows a pet dog helping its owner move tires. What’s more surprising is the smartness of the adorable being as he figures out how to move all the tires from one place to another in one go.

Watch Video Here:

In a very less time of the video being uploaded, it has garnered more than 2.9k views and several comments. “Brilliant dog,” wrote one user and another wrote, “Animals are smarter than we think.”

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