Delhi police officer loses 46 kg weight in 8 months, picture goes viral

After following a strict diet and walking for eight months, Jitendra Maini lost 46 kgs. his pictures are going viral on social media.

Working hard always pays off in the end, regardless of what we do or when we do it. In light of it, a senior police officer who had put significant efforts to lose weight managed to shed 46 kg.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Metro, Jitendra Mani Tripathy struggled with numerous health problems. He also weighed a staggering 130 kilos. Diabetes, high blood pressure and increased cholesterol levels were some of the illnesses that posed a constant risk to the officer’s health. The senior officer decided to change his lifestyle and altered his living choices. He began by eating healthier foods and by walking 15,000 steps daily. That’s how the Delhi cop started to lose weight.

Adhering to the strict diet, he shed 12 inches from his waist and also reduced his cholesterol levels in just eight months. The senior police official further stated that, “When I made the decision to change, I devised a plan to log 4.5 lakh steps per month. I walked over 32 lakh steps in eight months.”

After making rigorous efforts the police official has eventually reduced his weight. His efforts were appreciated by the Police Commissioner Sanjay Arora who honoured him by presenting him a commendation certificate on behalf of the police force.

The Delhi cop who lost weight has also expressed his gratitude to his supervisors and coworkers for their constant encouragement and for keeping him motivated to continue working on losing weight.

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