Dead mouse found in chocolate syrup, watch viral video

A dead mouse was found in a bottle of Hershey’s chocolate syrup bottle that had been ordered on a grocery delivery app named Zepto. The family which had ordered the syrup to have with brownie cake took to Instagram and posted the video that has gone viral.

As per reports, the family found some hair when pouring the syrup from the bottle. Also, it was more condensed which also heightened the suspicion. Accordingly, they pour the whole syrup of the bottle into a cup and then in a wash basin where a thick substance was found. After it was washed under running water, the thick substance was found to be a dead mouse.

The family then wrote their bad experience in an Instagram video. The caption of the post reads, “Shocking discovery in my zepto Oder!! This is kind notice to everyone to open your eyes…We oderd Hershey s’chocolate syrup from zepto ,to eat with brownie cakes,we started with pouring with cakes .caughted small hair continuously.decided to open .the opening was sealed and intact .we opened and pored in disposable glass a thick and hard consistency of death rat dropped washing in running water for reconformation .its a death rat. We tried to register complain .but there is no response,3 members where tasted that syrup 2 girls have girl have fainted yesterday and got to hospital nearby.and again she was refred to another hospital for general medicine.with grace she was aldright now.and the investigation quite normal… guys please aware of what your eating and odering . Please do check while giving to kids…..(sic)”.

The post also earned a number of comments after being posted to Instagram. Here are some of them.

“Chocolate mousse”

“Zepto is a delivery app service. Complaint should be made about the Hershey”

“New fear unlocked”

“You can sue them (Hershey) for this and report to food safety.”

“This is only one bottle found.Think how many people’s houses might have the remaining bottles which contain the bacteria of a dead rat.”

Watch the video here:

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