Dance with a crocodile: Man dancing with crocodile goes viral: Watch

Many may not believe, but in a recent video it was seen that a man is dancing with a crocodile. The said clip has earned huge reactions from netizens after getting posted to Instagram.

The moment we come across a crocodile, we scream, fear and run away from it. However, in a recent video the story was different. A Florida man was seen happily shaking a leg hand in hand with an alligator.

After getting uploaded to Instagram by an user bitchreject the post has so far grabbed 2736 likes. While the text above the video reads, “Only in Florida would you see a man dancing with a gator…” the post was captioned, “I could only imagine what was going through the alligators head.” The text on the video screen reads, “Man dancing out here with an alligator.”

Some people have doubted whether the alligator was alive or not. A user has replied, “He wouldn’t be doing that if the alligator alive…”. Another user mocked writing, “When’s the wedding?”

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