Cute laugh of this child will surely win your heart: Watch

American Basketball player Rex Chapman, who often shares interesting videos on his Twitter handle, has come up with another interesting video where we can see the cute laugh of a toddler.

In the video, a masked man is seen cradling a toddler in his arms, probably his son. The toddler takes the fun out of the mask. He pulls the mask and leaves it and goes on repeating the same. Interestingly, each time he pulls the mask and leaves it, he laughs with joy. The cute laugh of the child is the most treasured element in the video which we hope will surely win your heart.

Sharing the video Chapman wrote, “Because most everything sucks right now please enjoy this baby laughing with daddy. Needed it today…”

The video has so far earned 29.8 k likes and 4.9 k re-tweets.

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