Cute kids choose partners, video goes viral: Watch

A cute video has lately surfaced on Twitter that has grabbed attention of a huge number of netizens. The video is all about baby girls choosing baby boy partners. And Twitterati have come up with hilarious comments on the video. They have liked and appreciated the cute act of their respective chosen boy or girl and have commented how they are impressed with the act of that kid in the video.

The said video has been posted on Twitter by Capt BLACK who has captioned it saying: “I love every second of this video. Wow.”.  And what he has written is completely true. Of course every second of the video is lovable.

Looking at the comments it seems the kid with the green jacket has been accepted as a gentle man since he volunteers to go with a girl whom most others had rejected. Also, another girl a little bit cutely and forcibly pulls a boy out of the queue to make her partner, both of them are cute. And last but not least, the kid in the extreme front rejects offer of 3 to 4 girls till he gets his chosen one. And once she comes near him, he happily goes with her. The video is full of such amazing and joyful moments.

Watch the video here:

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