Creativity at its peak! Maharashtra couple’s stock market-themed wedding invite goes viral

A wedding invitation of a doctor in Maharashtra is going viral online for all good reasons. Stock market lovers should definitely check this.

Wedding preparations are no joke. From the venue to shopping, food to flowers, each and every detail needs to be taken special care of. One really important part of these festivities is an invitation card, without it, no guest will be showing up at a wedding. However, nowadays it is also a challenge to come up with a card that’s unique and attractive at the same time. In light of it, a couple in Maharashtra decided to give a ‘stock market’ twist to their wedding invitation card, and a picture of it is swiftly going viral online.

Shared on Instagram by a page called Stock Market India, the post features a wedding invite of a doctor from Maharashtra’s Nanded. The groom seems to be a stock market enthusiast, which is why the entire invitation was riddled with jargon. The card mentioned Initial Public Offering (IPO) as an Invitation to a Precious Occasion, termed both the bride and groom as entities, and called the wedding ceremony a merger. Lastly, the friends and family were addressed as retail investors.

“Marriage invitation card of a doctor who seems to be a die-hard fan of the stock market…read from the 1st line which is in Hindi,” reads the caption of the post.

Take a look:

In no time, the post grabbed a lot of attention and netizens loved the creativity. Social media users took to the comment section to share their thoughts on the interesting invite.

One person wrote, “Die-hard stock market fan” and another comment read, “Saw this for the first time.”

Here’s how others reacted:

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