Creative resume for Google goes viral, Netizens react interestingly

A very creative resume for Google has caught the eyeballs of the internet and netizens cannot stop appreciating the creativity behind it.

A resume for applying at Google has gone viral on the internet and grabbed the attention of netizens. The resume is of an entrepreneur’s, named Aditya Sharma. He built this creative resume and shared it on his LinkedIn profile, from where he started grabbing the internet’s attention. In the post where Sharma shared his resume, he wrote, “Google is the dream company of many, but they are extremely selective. So, I have come up with a creative version of a Google dark theme resume. Do you think this resume will attract recruiters’ attention?”

Take a look at Aditya’s creative resume for Google:

Pic Credits: LinkedIn


In the post, he attached the images of his resume which completely resembles a Google search page, in dark mode. Netizens found Aditya’s resume to be one of the most creative ones. They even lauded the man for his creativity and on-point perfection. The post was shared a few days back. Since then, it has gathered over 10k likes and several comments. One LinkedIn user wrote in the comments,”This is a refreshing take to the monotonous resumes. I loved it!!”. Another user wrote, ” think this is fun and as long as the resume is a readable PDF, I’d smile if I saw this. Funny thing is, I have low vision and use universal high contrast on my computers and NOT dark mode (so that everything is consistently dark), so this resume shows up as white with black text to me ;). Such a fun idea!!”, while yet another comment read,  “Amazing work and thought of presenting resume in the same way in which the company’s website looks>>>than the typical format of the resume.”

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