Covid-19 Alert: These Oral Problems Might Be More Serious Than You Ever Imagined

Coronavirus has emerged as one of the major pandemic; the world has ever faced in the recent times. Even though mass vaccination is underway throughout the world, the virus is continuously mutating. Among the other symptoms of Covid-19, loss of sense and taste are quite common symptoms for patients.

According to medical articles published in scientific journal ‘Nature Medicine’ almost half of the Covid-19 victims have complained about oral symptoms.

Hence, according to medical experts, there are a lot of oral problems which patients suffer from but remain unnoticed by them.

The article also suggests that oral symptoms of the Covid can be seen in both symptomatic and asymptomatic cases.

Here are some of the symptoms which experts have pointed about the disease:

Dry Mouth: It is well known that dry mouth is related to a lot of health issues. However, if you are experiencing a dry mouth that means your mouth is not able to produce ample saliva. It is worth noting that saliva keeps your mouth lubricated and helps in digestion process. If you have a dry mouth, consult your nearest doctor about it.

Lesions: Lesions or mouth ulcers are one of the symptoms of Covid-19. If you feel lesions, mouth ulcers or allergies in the mouth, then try to avoid some food items. If the pain continues visit the doctor for remedies.

Burning sensation or inflammation: Many Covid-19 patients complain about burning sensation or inflammation on the surface of their tongue. If you have burning sensation or inflammation on your tongue, kindly consult a doctor.

Change in sensation: If your tongue becomes extra sensitive or swells up, you should get concerned about it.

Change in colour: Any change in colour of your tongue can be a symptom of Covid-19. A normal tongue appears pink. If it appears more red or dark along with patches, you must get concerned about the change.

As on April 10, 2021, the Covid-19 tally in India has reached to 1,32,05,926 with 1.45 lakh cases in last 24 hours. Majority of the infected persons were traced from the states of Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Rajasthan.

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