Couple in 70s Welcomes Baby Through IVF After 5 Decades of Marriage

Modern medicine and healthcare is growing by leaps and bounds. What seemed impossible a few years back is now no longer an inconceivable dream.

An elderly couple from Alwar, Rajasthan have recently been able to fulfil their dream of parenthood after 54 years of marriage with the help of IVF.

75-year old Gopichand and 70-year old Chandravati Devi became proud parents of a son on August 8, 2022.

The baby boy was delivered at the Indo IVF Test Tube Baby Centre, which is the only registered IVF centre in Alwar.

Gopichand is a former soldier from Nuhaniya Village of Jhunujhunu, and he was shot in the leg during Bangladesh war. He had approached the IVF centre about one and a half years ago. The couple, who reside in a village close to the Haryana border near Rajasthan’s Jhunjhunu, had visited multiple clinics in metropolitan cities, but had been disappointed.

Chandravati Devi was able to conceive nine months ago during the third attempt through IVF.

Even though the couple was excited, there was also an element of fear and anxiety, owing to the advanced age of the mother. She finally delivered a healthy baby on Monday.

Both the mother and the child are completely healthy, and the baby weighs around 3.5 kg.

Recently, a law was passed by the Parliament which came into effect from June 2022. According to it, no IVF centre would be allowed to provide treatment to men and women above the age of 50. However, the couple was lucky as they had already conceived before the law came into force.

The doctor who performed Chandravati’s caesarean operation, Colonel Reena Yadav, is also a soldier like Gopichand.

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