Cobra Halts Traffic! Watch Terrifying Video Of Serpent Crossing Road

In an unusual development a cobra was seen in the middle of a busy traffic in broad daylight. The commuters who were stuck in the traffic were dumbstruck at the incident. The video was recorded and posted on social media after which it became viral.

This incident took place at Kalsanka junction in Udupi city of Karnataka on Thursday. The video was recorded and then shared on Twitter by an account named Mangalore City. The caption in the video mentioned that the traffic was halted for around 30 minutes in order to let the cobra cross the street.

The light brown coloured serpent was clearly visible in the video. The traffic police could be seen advising the bikers not to disturb the cobra as it slowly crossed the street.

Some passers-by near the spot could be seen recording the incident with their smartphone.

The video has garnered more than 27,200 views, 139 retweets and more than 800 likes on Twitter.

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