China’s new covid lockdown protest anthem is Bappi Lahiri’s “Jimmy Jimmy” song

China is once again facing the covid-19 lockdown because of the rise of corona cases in the country. However, this time, it has caused a scarcity of rice and millions are suffering. To express their anger and frustration over the country’s stringent zero-COVID policy, citizens of China have now turned to the Hindi cinema legend Bappi Lahiri‘s superhit song “Jimmy Jimmy Aaja Aaja” from the 1982 movie “Disco Dancer.”

Douyin, the Chinese name for TikTok, is filled with videos of people performing the famous Bollywood song as a protest against the government. It is to be noted that the lyrics of the song “Jimmy Jimmy” sound exactly like the Mandarin word “Jie mi, Jie mi,” which translates into “Give me rice, give me rice.”

In the clips, the social media network users can be seen mockingly showing empty vessels to show how they are deprived of essential food items during the lockdowns.

Take a look:

So far, the videos seemed to have escaped the Chinese censors that are quick to remove any post deemed critical of the country’s regime.

Netizens believe that the Chinese have found a smart way of using the song to make soft protests against the zero-COVID policy, which has literally cut off China from the outside world. Twitter users were amused by these videos and expressed their emotions in the comment section.

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