Child Falls From 12th Floor, Delivery Boy Saved Like A ‘Superman,’ Watch Viral Video

Most of us have seen superheroes like Spider-Man, Superman and Batman saving the lives of the people in movies. However, a video from Hanoi in Vietnam is now going viral in which it can be seen that a delivery boy saving the life of a small girl like a superhero.

In this video, the delivery boy, who has been identified as Nguyen Ngos Manh, saved the life of a 2-year-old girl when she was falling from the balcony of the 12th floor, which is said to be 164 feet.

The 41-second video has been shared on the official Twitter page of Unicanal. “Luckily the baby girl fell into my lap,” Nguyen Ngos Manh said while speaking about the incident.

Soon, the girl was admitted to a hospital for treatment as she sustained some injury marks on her mouth. But she is said to be stable.

This video has now become a topic of discussion among the people and all of them are praising the delivery boy after watching this video.

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