Chef makes 8 feet tall Chocolate Giraffe, video goes viral: Watch

A video has gone viral recently on internet where a pastry artist can be seen erecting a huge chocolate giraffe. In the video the artist is seen making different parts of the giraffe with chocolate and then assembling them together to come up with a fine work of chocolate.

Pastry artist Amaury Guichon took to Instagram and posted the video. He captioned the video, “Chocolate Giraffe! This 8.3ft tall 100% chocolate sculpture is my biggest creation yet.” Guichon keeps posting videos of his artwork on social media.

In the video we can see Mr Guichon is making different parts of the Giraffe with chocolate. He then goes on assembling them one by one.

Posted to Insta on May 15, the said video by Mr Guichon has so far earned a huge 7,361,051 likes while netizens have come up with applauding comments for him for the unique creation.


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