Caught On CCTV Camera: Lion Enters 5 Star Hotel In Gujarat, Watch Video Here

New Delhi: A wild lion entered into a hotel of Junagadh in Gujarat on Monday. This incident took place at wee hours of the day and was captured on the CCTV cameras installed in the hotel.

According to the video footage, the lion was seen leaping over the boundary wall of the hotel and entering it. As the predator entered the hotel premises in the wee hours, there were no instances of human-animal conflict.

All the hotel staff and the guests were assumed to be indoors during the surprise visit by the carnivore.

The Proximity of the Junagadh hotel is near the Gir Lion Sanctuary. This closeness of the hotel near the sanctuary is assumed to be the reason behind such an incident.

Experts who came across the video have remarked that due to increasing population of lions in the Gir Sanctuary, such incidents of human-animal conflict are increasing in Gujarat.


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