Cat roams on aisle of flight, Viral video brings smile in netizens’ face

You will often see Funny pet videos on social media. But recently a pet cat has gone viral for its funny activities at 30,000 feet.

The incident took place while boarding a Spirit Airlines flight from LOS Angeles to Nashville on 14th May. A passenger named Jason Pitts recorded this video and shared it on social media captioned that, “Was on a flight a few days ago and saw a cat roaming around the aisles. Everyone was smiling.”

In the viral video, a cat can be seen roaming freely in the aisles. The presented passengers were taking the issue as quite funny. They were surprised as well as happy to see the cat walking around. Actually the cat belonged to a passenger and somehow got out of the bag!

The main fun was the movement of the cat. Because in it the cat looked as it was walking in it’s own place. Also it didn’t face any difficulties in adapting to the environment to the flight it in. As if it knew the place!

After being shared, the video garnered over 8.8 million views, while nearly 2.7 lakh Instagram users have liked the video. Reacting to the video, one person said,” He’s A good flight attendant.”  Another said,” All the hands that drop down are my kind of people.” Another said ,” That would be the best flight ever”.

Such behavior of the cat has made many people happy like a magic! It shows how sweet even a small situation can be…!

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