Can you guess whether this boat is in the air or in a River?

Can you guess whether this boat is in the air or on water? May be it is a little bit difficult. Actually the boat is on the water. The boat is in the water of River Umngot in Meghalaya State. The water is so clean, crystal clear and transparent that we are dwindling to know whether the boat is flying in the sky or what?

The Ministry of Jal Shakti, Government of India has posted this beautiful picture on Twitter which has gone viral. The boat is on the water of River Umngot that is about 100 kms from Shillong in Meghalaya.

The ministry in its caption hoped that ‘all our rivers were as clean’. The full caption reads, “One of the cleanest rivers in the world. It is in India. River Umngot, 100 Kms from Shillong, in Meghalaya state. It seems as if the boat is in air; water is so clean and transparent. Wish all our rivers were as clean. Hats off to the people of Meghalaya.”

After being uploaded to Twitter on November 16 morning, the photo has so far garnered 22.8 k likes, 4184 Retweets and 202 Quote tweets.

As we can see in the pic the boat carrying five people, including the one rowing it.

Many people came up with interesting reactions for the post. Even one jokingly asks why they showed the picture, now people will go there to pollute (Picture dikhaya kyu bhai ab jake sb gnda krega)

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