Burglary Suspect had to be rescued from a restaurant’s grease vent

The man was covered in grease and oil and was trapped in grease vent and could not move

Almeda, San Francisco: An alleged burglar had to rescued from the grease vent of a vacant Chinese restaurant. A faint voice of a man could be heard “calling for help”. The local Police were immediately notified.

“When first responders arrived on the scene, they could hear the voice and quickly determined it was coming from a roof vent atop the restaurant. A ladder was extended and personnel were able to locate a 29-year-old man trapped in a sheet metal grease duct running from the roof to the kitchen,” Alameda County Sheriff’s Office said in its FB and Twitter post.

They also shared three pictures, one of which shows the man inside the vent and completely covered in grease.

Alameda County Sheriff’s Office said that the man was completely covered in grease and hence could not move. He was trapped inside the vent for more than two days.

After the rescue, the man was found to be severely dehydrated and physically exhausted. He was rushed to a nearby hospital. Doctors assured that he will make a full recovery.

As of now Alameda County Sheriff’s Office is charging the unknown man with intent to commit burglary. They are now conducting a trespassing and vandalism investigation.

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