Burglar struggles to carry TV that he stole

CCTV camera captured the hilarious struggle of a burglar taking off with a huge TV, but failing in carrying it

Bhubaneswar: County Police Department in Maryland, USA, recently shared a video of a burglar stealing a huge package from a front porch of a home – but repeatedly falling down while carrying it to his car.

“For several minutes, a determined thief works to steal a large screen TV that had been delivered to a Fort Washington home. On the video, the criminal is seen stealing the large box from the home on Gable Lane, then falling over with it as he races back to the car,” wrote the police in a statement.

The burglar not only kept falling while stealing the TV but also failed to put it into his getaway car.

Watch the hilarious video:

Video courtesy: County Police Department, Maryland

County Police Department in Maryland, USA had released this video to warn citizens of rising package thefts.

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