Buffalo jumps into water to save itself from lions, what happens next will stun you

In a horrifying video, a Buffalo can be seen jumping into the water to save itself from hungry lions hunting for their food. However, what happens next is no less than the series of events taking place in the ‘Final destination’ movie. A video of lions hunting for their food is going viral on the Internet, but it is no ordinary hunting video.

In the video, a pride of lion can be seen chasing a Buffalo to hunt their prey and the Buffalo is running with all its strength to save its life. In the hustle, the poor animal sees a pond and jumps right into it thinking of swimming through it to the other side and reaching a safer ground. However, little did it know that death is standing atop it, as the pond is full of crocodiles.

As soon as Buffalo jumps into the water, a crocodile starts attacking it and tries to catch it, but somehow the Buffalo manages to free itself from the crocodile in the water and comes out from the pond. Although the Buffalo comes out of the water safe, two lions could be seen standing right in front of it to hunt it. The video ends here, keeping the viewers in a cliff hanger.

The video was uploaded on Instagram by the user ‘nature27_12’ and has garnered more than 23.4k views so far.

Take a look:


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