Bride get gifts worth Rs 3 Crore at wedding, Internet divided: Watch viral video

A video of a bride's family gifting her a huge amount of cash at the wedding has surfaced online, and it has left Internet divided

The Dowry system was a very common practice in India. Although the law doesn’t support this system anymore, there are people in rural areas especially who continue this process in the name of rituals. Therefore, when a video of a bride’s family gifting her a lump sum amount of cash at the wedding surfaced online, it became a heated topic of discussion on social media.

The viral video shows three maternal uncles of the bride giving her more than Rs 3 crores as her wedding gift. Reportedly, the incident took place in the Nagpur district of Rajasthan. It is said that the members of the bride’s family reached the venue carrying Rs 81 lakh in cash. Along with that, they also presented her with plot papers, a tractor, and jewelry.

As per the sources, there is a ritual called ‘Mayra’ in Rajasthani culture, and the gifts were given as a part of the tradition. In this ritual, maternal uncles and brothers of the bride shower her with gifts on the wedding day.

Identified as Anushka, daughter of Ghevari Devi and Bhanwarlal Potaliya, is the bride who got married on March 15. Her maternal grandparent, Bhanwarlal Garwa also took part in the ritual alongside his three sons Harendra, Rajendra, and Rameshwar. Reportedly, the maternal family hails from the Burdi village in the state.

The video of the wedding that is doing rounds on the Internet shows the bride’s family transferring the cash from a duffel bag onto a plate. Meanwhile, shared on Twitter by Awdesh Parekh, the caption of the post raised a question that has become a topic of discussion. The note reads, “How is ‘mayra’ different from dowry? Only the way of giving it appears to be different.”

Take a look:

Users took to the comment section to speak against the comparison between Mayra and Dowry. They highlighted the fact that while one is forceful the latter is a loving gift. A user wrote, “Dahej manga jata h mayra diya jata h etna sa frq smjh nhi aa rha logo ko (Dowry is demanded and Mayra is given, people cannot understand this small difference).”

Another person commented, “income tax wale inko nahin dekhte kya (Income tax department don’t raid them?).”

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