From ‘Shopping After Every 15 Days’ to ‘Sunday Morning Breakfast Tum Banaogay’, bride asks groom to sign 8 contracts; Watch viral video

Every day several videos are going viral on different social media platforms. One such video of a wedding ceremony is now breaking the internet.

The video of a bride and groom went viral after it was shared on the Instagram page of wedlock_photography_as. In the short video, it can be seen that the bride is taking the advantage of the opportunity at the right time and making the groom sign a special wedding contract with cute promises.

In the video, the bride who is seen sitting next to her husband asked him to sign a contract soon after their jaimala ceremony in such a way that the groom could not refuse his future wife.

The newly-wed couple signed an 8-pointed contract in the presence of their family members and friends. After watching what is written on the contract paper, you will also find this style of the bride very cute.

The first of these eight conditions/contracts is that only one pizza has to be eaten in a month, while in the second, always say yes to home food. Have to wear saree every day. You can have a late light party but only with me, you have to go to the gym every day. You have to make Sunday breakfast. A good photo must be clicked in every party and the final condition is that the groom has to take her for shopping after every 15 days.

Here are the conditions the bride kept before the groom:

  • Only one pizza in a month
  • Always say yes to Gharka khana
  • Must and should wear saree everyday
  • Late night parties are allowed but only with me
  • Got to gym daily
  • Sunday Morning Breakfast Tum Banaogay
  • Have to take good picture in every party
  • Shopping after every 15 days

The unique but amusing conditions of the bride have made several internet users happy. While thousands of them have liked it, hundreds of them have given comments below the video.

Watch the video here:


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