Bride And Groom Play Flip The Bottle At Their Wedding, Video Goes Viral

Weddings in India are considered to be a grand and elaborate affair. They are usually celebrated with pomp and show and are accompanied with a lot of rituals. However, as the rituals are conducted, the bride and groom might feel tired or bored.

Recently, a viral video has surfaced on internet, where the bride and groom are seen playing a ‘flip the bottle’. The bride and groom are seen taking turns in flipping the bottle while sitting in the mandap near the holy fire. The activities of the couple were captured by someone in the wedding guests and subsequently uploaded on social media.


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The viral video has been shared on Instagram by a page ‘naughtysociety’and has garnered 70,602 likes on the platform.

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Even though the origin of the video is not known, the fun activities by the bride and groom will surely boost your mood. You will be surprised to know that, not only the video but also the comments in the video are funny.

While an Instagram user commented “Main to chidiya udd khelungi”, another user commented “Kya matlab Bottle flip krne k liye shadi krni padti hai!”.

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