‘Breathing tree’ spotted in Canada: Watch viral video

A rare phenomenon has been witnessed lately in which a tree has been witnessed breathing. We are not sure whether it is exactly breathing by the tree or due to some other phenomena it seems that the tree is breathing. Yet, what we can see in a video, anyone will be convinced that the tree is breathing. The rare phenomenon was witnessed recently in Canada. The video of the ‘breathing tree’ has gone viral on internet.

The video of the ‘breathing tree’ was posted to YouTube by ViralHog on June 20, 2022 and it was captioned ‘When Trees Breathe ll ViralHog”. The post 09second clip has earned more than 50 lakh views on YouTube while it has been so far liked by 45k viewers. In the Youtube post it has also been mentioned that the thing occurred on June 1, 2022/ Cagary, Alberta, Canada.

So as reported, the rare ‘breathing tree’ was spotted at Cagary, in Alberta of Canada.

We can see in the video that a tree with a crack in its trunk seems like it is breathing heavily.

In the comment box, some users have tried to explain the mechanical process by which it seems that the tree is breathing. A Youtuber wrote, “
The ground lifted up at the roots, which pushed the tree apart. That looks like a mechanical lift of ground.” Another user wrote, “This looks like it belongs in stranger things, it’s kinda creepy,” reacting on the video.

Of course all the users have not tried to explain. A user wanted to know, “I would love to know more about this. I mean, is it a frost crack or is it caused by seismic activity? I’ve never seen anything like that.”

Whatever may be the reason behind the occurrence, on the face of it, definitely it seems like the tree is breathing and netizens are plenty viewing it.

Watch video here:

Video courtesy: ViralHog

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    Due to wind the slit opened body of this tree shows like breathing.

  2. Anozie Anthony says

    There’s spirit in everything created … they have the breath of God

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