Brave hero! Man saves child from getting crushed under train in Mumbai; Watch viral video

Mumbai: A railway personnel is being hailed as a real life hero for his bravery by netizens after he saved the life of a child from being crushed to death by a running train and averted a tragic event from happening in Maharashtra. The video of the incident has gone viral on social media.

The man is Mayur Shelkhe, a pointsman of the Central Railway of the Mumbai division. The incident took place at Vangani railway station in Mumbai around 5 pm on Saturday April 17.

In the video, a child can be seen walking alongside a woman at the platform of the railway station when suddenly, he lost balance and fell on the railway tracks. And right at that time, a train was seen speeding towards towards the child on the railway track.

Seeing this, the woman panics and she don’t know what to do while the child was trying to get out of the track by climbing to the platform but fails.

In this hopeless situation, Mayur, putting his own life at risk, was seen running on the tracks towards the child and pulls him out of the tracks quickly and hoists himself onto the platform and to safety just when the train was a breath away from crushing him.

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All of this happens in under a very short time of 30 seconds.

The pointsmans bravery and alertness has ultimately saved the child from being crushed under the train and saved a precious life.

The Ministry of Railways shared CCTV footage of the incident on twitter and saluted the pointsman for his exemplary courage & utmost devotion to the duty.

Sharing the video the ministry tweeted: “A good Samaritan: At Vangani station of Central Railway, Pointsman Mr Mayur Shelkhe saved the life of a child just in the nick of the time. He risked his life to save the life of the child. We salute his exemplary courage & utmost devotion to the duty.”

The divisional railway manager (DRM) also took to Twitter to praise Shelkhe. The DRM wrote: “Excellent work done by Central Railway Mumbai Division Mr Mayur Shelkhe (Pointsman)”

The video has gone viral on social media platforms and people are raining praises on the railway worker for his courage and calling him a real life hero.

Watch the video here:

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