Blackbuck dances with devotees on Krishna Kirtan, desi Internet users elated: Watch

A video of a Blackbuck dancing with devotees on Lord Krishna's Kirtan has gone viral and has elated desi Internet users

The Internet is a storehouse of videos. Whether be it a happy one or a sad one, you will find any type of content you are looking for. Especially animal videos, we often need to refresh our minds with clips featuring these cuddly beings. One such clip of a black buck has now added to the plethora and has deeply mesmerized the Indian audience.

Shared on Twitter by IFS Susanta Nanda, the clip shows a group of devotees dancing at Krishna Kirtan. Meanwhile, a baby blackbuck joins them in their celebration and dances to the beats of the cymbals played by the devotees.

What has astonished the desi Twitteratis and all Krishna devotees is the fact that according to Hindi mythology, blackbuck draws the chariot of Lord Krishna. Hence, it is quite peculiar for Blackbuck to dance on Lord Krishna’s Bhajan.

“It’s not without a reason that BlackBucks are called krishnasaar, krishna jinka, & krishna mriga in India… According to Hindu mythology, the blackbuck draws the chariot of Lord Krishna. Participating in the Devotional Kirtan with equal jest,” read the caption.

On being shared, the clip has amassed over 41.7k views so far. People filled the comment section with comments showcasing their amazement. One person wrote, “Look at the happy deer jumping around with them!” and another commented, “Such a cute, lovely heartwarming thing to see!! Thanks for sharing.”

A third comment read, “Can well visualise Ramana Mahrishi dancing with the animals in the forest” and a fourth user said, “Black buck baby is also enjoying Kirtan.”

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