Bizzare! Man Marries Both Girlfriends Together In The Same Venue: Watch

In a surprising incident a man from Bastar in Chhattisgarh has married both his girlfriends on the same mandap. This unique wedding took place on January 3 and was attended by villagers and relatives.

According to reports, a youth named Chandu, was in a relationship with Sundari Kashyap (21) and Hasina Baghel (20), both of whom he married in the same venue. However Chandu did not cheat any of them as both his girlfriends were aware of the parallel love relationships.

On being probed, Chandu told that he met Sundari in Tokapal area of the district three years ago. They fell in love with each other and started having regular conversations over phone. Later they planned for marriage.

However, a year later Chandu met Hasina Baghel (20) at a relative’s wedding in his own village. Cupid struck again as Chandu and Hasina fell in love with each other. As both expressed love for each other, Chandu revealed about his relationship with Sundari. Much to his surprise and happiness Hasina had no objection about the relationship.

Chandu started living in the village along with the two girls but, the villagers objected to this arrangement. Later the villagers got them married and blessed the unusual trio.

The family members of Hasina were present in the wedding but Sundari’s family didn’t attend the wedding. Sundari felt that her family didn’t agree to the marriage.

Even though the marriage is not valid under the Hindu Marriage Act, it is recognized under tribal culture.

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