Bird Joins Man In Singing, Watch The Epic Video

Bhubaneswar: A viral video of a man and a bird singing together has left many people touched and emotional. People praised the man’s singing and his heartfelt voice.

The video emerged on social media after it was posted by an Instagram user named Swastik Mastaan on his account.

He shared the video with the lyrics of the song in the post.

In the video, the man can be seen singing soulfully to a bird perched on a car’s bonnet with a beautiful nature background in Kashmir. and it was amusing to see that the bird was responding to the song as the man crooned for it.

The video amazed many people and many left comments applauding the man for his singing.

Here is  the video:

One user commented “this is amazing”. Another users said ” you are a true gem of nature”. While another commented “Sooper voice sir.”

The singer has posted many other singing video which are equally mesmerizing.

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