Bill Gates shares his Resume and someone referred it as a “piece of archaeology”

Although there are a lot of resources and professionals who can assist you in creating a strong CV, let’s take a tip from Bill Gates! On Friday, Bill Gates posted his first resume to his LinkedIn account, and it is quite inspiring.He posted a picture of his resume and wrote, “Whether you’re a recent grad or a college dropout, I’m convinced your resume looks much better than mine did 48 years ago.”

The 48-year-first old’s year at Harvard is shown on his resume. In his resume, the millionaire philanthropist noted that he was proficient in operating system architecture, database management, computer graphics, and compiler development. Honors student who earned A’s in each of the following, he continues.
Bill Gates was known as William Henry Gates III at the time. Despite Bill Gates’ comments that other people’s resumes seem better than his, which is 48 years old, Internet users disagree.

They called it a “piece of archaeology.”

However, another person praised Gates – “Thank you for the illustration! Discover what is behind the words with Bill Gates’ excellent example of the substance of a CV and what it stands for. What counts are the words’ profundities.”

Thank you for sharing Bill Gates, a LinkedIn member commented. great resume on one page. We should all keep copies of our old resumes for reference in the future. We occasionally lose sight of everything that we have done.

One user made an effort to determine how the CV was made “That is a remarkably outstanding CV for a person who was undervalued 48 years ago. The CV is well-structured. It wasn’t Word, therefore I wonder what printer and software were used. most likely a typewriter.”

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