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Bike stunt goes wrong, watch what happens next

You must have seen some bike stunts performed in the clogged lane with slow motion. It looks amazing right! Recently, a similar video clip of a bike stunt that ended up wrongly went viral.

In a video, a man can be seen performing the stunt with full enthusiasm but ended up breaking the wall of the neighbour. The video has been slowed down while editing and in the background music, we can hear the song “Oh No“ by Capone.

A young man while riding a bike can be seen riding his bike on its back wheel with the front wheel in the air. Luckily, the biker was with a helmet while doing this dangerous stunt in a clogged lane.

In the video, two persons are seen standing on both sides of the lane in the video. He can be seen enjoying the stunt. While his neighbour is watching this young man’s stunt on the other side, he must not have expected what is going to happen next.

Just after a few seconds the motorbike gets slipped and collides with the wall of the neighbour’s house. He was standing and watching the stunt. The bike almost broke down the entire wall.

This stunt video has been shared on Instagram by a user name ‘splendor_bullet_love’. Video has received 22.5 k likes and 737 k views so far.


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