Bhindi at Rs 650 per kg in London? Rate of Indian groceries will definitely shock you

Indians are spread across Europe and especially in England; they can be easily spotted (needless to mention that British PM has Indian origin). Recently an Indian lady who stays in London has shared a video of the cost of Indian grocery items on her Instagram handle. In the video, the prices of the grocery items seem expensive but it is the price of Bhindi or okra that has surprised the internet users more.

Delhi native Chavi Agarwal, who lives in London, shared a video on Instagram in which she compares the retail price of food items of London with India. Almost every item that was shown in the video was costlier as compared to the Indian rate. Ms Agarwal picked packet of chips manufactured by Lays which cost Rs 20 in India but the same one cost Rs 95 in London. Similarly, a large packet of Maggi noodles is priced higher at Rs 300 in the London grocery store.

Speaking about Paneer, the lady revealed that paneer cost Rs 700 in London and she was willing to cook chicken instead of cooking matar paneer.

The costliest item seemed to be the veggies. While Bhindi or okra cost Rs 650/kg in London, Alphonso mangoes were sold at Rs 2400 for six pieces and karela or bitter gourd was sold at Rs 1000/kg.

The video was originally shared on June 6 and it has attracted 5.8 million views on Instagram. “Let’s open a karela business in London,” said an Instagram user. “London plan cancelled,” humorously said another.

“I’d never have the heart to buy those after looking at the price,” added another user. Some Instagram users pointed out the fact that she ignored purchasing power parity while making the video. “Kamate pounds me hoo or grocery chahiye rupees me third class mentality,” said an Instagram user. “But Why the Victim Mindset? Arent you Earning in Pounds? Then why Acting like you earn in India and buy grocery in pounds,” added another.

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