Bengaluru landlord rejects tenant for 75% marks in class 12, WhatsApp chat goes viral

In an absurd incident, a landlord in Bengaluru rejected a tenant's application over the fact that he scored only 75 percent marks in class 12

Indians are obsessed with good grades even in the changing world, as parents believe that a higher percentage goes a long way. But this fascination can sometimes be a curse for those who are more creative than academic. A tenant in Bengaluru has to face something similar because of his class 12 performance.

Shared on Twitter by a man named Shubh, the post marks a striking conversation between a renter who is reportedly a retired IIM professor and Shubh’s cousin.

According to the messages that have gone viral online, the Bengaluru-based landlord rejected the tenant for not securing 90 percent marks in class 12.

The screenshots of the messages showed that the tenant was refused an apartment by the landlord because he scored only 75 percent marks in the 12th standard.

“I can’t believe my cousin’s brother got denied a rented flat by the owner because he got 75% in 12th grade and the owner was expecting at least 90%,” Shubh tweeted.

Take a look:

The tweet shows that the broker first informed the landlord that he had approved the tenant’s profile. Following this, the tenant was asked to submit a copy of his Aadhaar card, joining certificate from his company, PAN card, and bizarrely a write-up of 15-200 words about himself along with his mark sheets of Class 10 and 12 mark sheets.

Although the tenant submitted all the documents, he was rejected by the landlord because he scored only 75 percent in the class 12 exam.

“Hey Yogesh, I sent your docs and write-up to the owner. Sorry, but he rejected your profile because you’ve got 75 percent in Class 12th and the owner is expecting at least 90 percent,” the broker wrote to the tenant.

Amazed by the post, netizens flocked to the comment section to express their disbelief over the absurdity of the matter. Many also discussed the increasingly stringent and ridiculous background checks that landlords happening in Bengaluru.

One user wrote, “I have submitted lesser documents for interviews, what is this renting process?!” and another comment read, “Is he offering the hand of his daughter along with the apartment?”

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