Beautiful girl in black outfit exhibits huge black cobra: Watch

A snake video has recently gone viral after it was posted to Instagram by the user named After being posted to social media on June 29 2022, the video has gone viral earning 2022 likes so far.

The video has earned several comments from the users who have more or less conveyed about the peril of getting close enough to a poisonous snake.

A user cautioned and wrote in his comment, “Living dangerously.”

Another user also commented in the same line. While he conveyed his respect for the snake handlers he also alerted that witting, Y’all hold death in y’all hands like it’s nothing.”

Another user praised the girl who is exhibiting the snake and wrote, “Dam thats hot. i love snakes, a female thats not scared omg.” Another user praised the snake writing, “Very nice snake”. Another user forgot to tell anything about the snake, rather he praised the girl writing, “Very pretty baby.”

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